News & Activities

  • drawing and pouring in acrylic colors

    Published Date : 23/02/2020 08:31 AM


    Drawing and pouring acrylic colors for sixth graders. A beautiful and enjoyable experience using acrylic colors and different techniques and tools in a world of simplicity to create unique paintings. more

  • Gauri and first place

    Published Date : 19/02/2020 05:57 AM


    In a new achievement for Riyadh Beacon Schools, the student / Gori Al-Shehri, primary school student, ranked first in the North Office and the third in the Riyadh Schools' level in writing the article more

  • free coloring

    Published Date : 19/02/2020 05:48 AM


    The kindergarten organized a free coloring festival to enhance the child's self-confidence and help him distinguish between colors more

  • Janadriyah Festival

    Published Date : 19/02/2020 05:45 AM


    The Janadriyah Festival was held in Al-Rawda, so that the child would learn about his heritage, originality and civilization more

  • Entertaining trip

    Published Date : 19/02/2020 05:40 AM


    The Riyadh Manarat Kindergarten organized a recreational trip for the importance of playing in kindergarten and gaining safety laws during play more

  • Virus Corona

    Published Date : 19/02/2020 05:31 AM


    The students of the first secondary class presented a radio entitled "The New Virus Corona" under the supervision of the teacher, Asma Abusel, during which the causes, symptoms and prevention were presented. more

  • eloquent tongue contest and eloquent statement

    Published Date : 19/02/2020 05:20 AM


    Judging from the importance of the Arabic language in preserving identity and localizing knowledge ... a fluent tongue competition was organized, in which a group of female students participated and their posts were presented to the jury and the … more

  • Image

    High school students visit with the supervisor of his talent and sciences to the National Olympiad for Scientific Innovation at King Saud University to support the student Jood Hashem and see and learn about the upcoming posts, God willing more

  • Teaching Aids Exhibition

    Published Date : 19/02/2020 04:51 AM


    Participation of the first grade teachers in the primary section of the workshop and the educational aids exhibition under the supervision of the North Orientation Office more

  • model for clouds and precipitation

    Published Date : 19/02/2020 04:43 AM


    Creativity of young girls in the elementary section of science, designing a model for clouds and precipitation more