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    This participation is a part of the partnership between our schools and “Mawhiba’’. It helps students to gain various information and cognitive experience, enrich their knowledge, build their scientific and practical experience.

    Achievements for … more

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    Student Abdul Rahman Ali al-Baz from The Manarat Al Khobar Schools received a special award in informatics researches during his participation in the National Olympiad for Scientific Creativity

    It is an annual scientific competition based on … more

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    Darin Emad Abu Al-Faraj from Medina Beacons Schools received a special award from Taiba University during the National Olympics for Scientific Creativity

    The student reached the finals of the National Olympiad for Scientific Creativity (Creativity 2 … more

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    A number of maarif students have won scholarships at the world's most prestigious universities, namely:

    Student Walid Arafat Quick YAI Explo Connecticut - USA.

    Student Mohammed Khalid Al-Khalidi Wisconsin University, USA

    Student Hamza Abdulaziz … more

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    Student Osama Atef Bakr from Manarat Al Riyadh Schools won the seventh place in the Kingdom in the National Science & Mathematics Olympiad.

    This competition reflects how the Ministry of Education recognizes  the importance of preparing and building … more