News & Activities

  • Honoring Teachers

    Published Date : 16/02/2020 09:18 AM


    On Thursday morning, 10/20/2020, and in appreciation of the unparalleled accomplishments  presented by the department’s female employees, and in an image that reflects the highness of the leader’s spirit and its appreciation of the effort exerted, … more

  • Traffic Safety

    Published Date : 16/02/2020 08:48 AM


    Within the community partnership programs between Manarat Al-Madinah Schools, the International Department for Girls and the Traffic Department of Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah Region, due to the importance of traffic safety,

    The Traffic Department in … more

  • Learning through games

    Published Date : 10/02/2020 06:32 AM


    Verifying activities and  adding an atmosphere of fun and entertainment to the learning environment, MMIS activities Department introduced the "learning through games" activity for 7th graders within the PE classes. The event aims to teach students … more

  • Honored students 2020

    Published Date : 06/02/2020 10:06 AM


    In order to develop the creativity that God has placed in the hearts of school students to grow, prosper, and rise through hard work and dedication,Manarat Al-Madinah International School, Girls Section led by Ms. Sarah Sami, honored students  who … more

  • Image

    Our school team believes in the importance of join action of all concerned, guardians and the local community in providing the best experience and expertise that contribute to the continuous development of students. The schools open their doors for … more

  • Chess Competition 2

    Published Date : 31/12/2019 08:43 PM


    Due to the unexpected success, the high turnout, the effective and successful participation of the students, the proximity of the final exams, and for the sake of full-time completion, the final stage of the chess tournament at the International … more

  • Drawing program

    Published Date : 31/12/2019 08:38 PM


    To varify activities and to encourage promising talents, a clay drawing program was made for the fourth graders within the activities of Art, under the supervision of Mr. Ayman Badawi.


  • Friendly Match

    Published Date : 29/12/2019 03:38 AM


    In order to diversify the activities and to create an atmosphere of familiarity, enthusiasm, and acquaintance between the departments, a friendly match was made between the Arabic and international sections for the high school students. It was such … more

  • A Fifth transaction renewal

    Published Date : 29/12/2019 02:59 AM


    In renewing the pledge of allegiance and loyalty to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, may God preserve him and his patronage, the fifth anniversary of his honorable investiture, Manarat International School, … more

  • Honoring Top Students

    Published Date : 29/12/2019 02:34 AM


    On Tuesday 10/12/2919 Mrs. Alaa Aljhani The teacher of Arabic Social Studies congratulated her excellent students for the end of the first semester, they were highly appropriated for their hard work during morning assembly, so the students were … more