News & Activities

  • Chess Competition 2

    Published Date : 31/12/2019 08:43 PM

    Due to the unexpected success, the high turnout, the effective and successful participation of the students, the proximity of the final exams, and for the sake of full-time completion, the final stage of the chess tournament at the International … more

  • Drawing program

    Published Date : 31/12/2019 08:38 PM

    To varify activities and to encourage promising talents, a clay drawing program was made for the fourth graders within the activities of Art, under the supervision of Mr. Ayman Badawi.


  • Friendly Match

    Published Date : 29/12/2019 03:38 AM

    In order to diversify the activities and to create an atmosphere of familiarity, enthusiasm, and acquaintance between the departments, a friendly match was made between the Arabic and international sections for the high school students. It was such … more

  • A Fifth transaction renewal

    Published Date : 29/12/2019 02:59 AM

    In renewing the pledge of allegiance and loyalty to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, may God preserve him and his patronage, the fifth anniversary of his honorable investiture, Manarat International School, … more

  • Honoring Top Students

    Published Date : 29/12/2019 02:34 AM

    On Tuesday 10/12/2919 Mrs. Alaa Aljhani The teacher of Arabic Social Studies congratulated her excellent students for the end of the first semester, they were highly appropriated for their hard work during morning assembly, so the students were … more

  • Puppet Theater

    Published Date : 26/12/2019 12:49 AM

    A: Amani Al-Mutairi, Librarian of Learning Resources, held an initiative called “Puppet Theater on Tuesday 26/11/2019 in the School’s Learning Resources Center, through which she conducted a competition between students to design an interactive play … more

  • Success ceremony

    Published Date : 26/12/2019 12:35 AM

    On Thursday 19/12/2019 The distribution of KG certificates took place. Under the supervision of Mrs.Amina in preparing and arranging the place with happiness and joy. During this time certificate and gifts were distributed to students with their … more

  • Competition “ Ibdaa’’

    Published Date : 17/12/2019 08:03 AM

    Students of Manarat Al Madinah Schools account for 56% in the National Olympiad for Scientific Creativity Competition “ Ibdaa’’


    Students of Manarat Al Madinah Schools account for   56% of the wining projects in Al Madinah Region in the National … more

  • Football Championship

    Published Date : 30/11/2019 09:29 PM

    As per the activity plan and under the supervision of Capt. Ayman Al Hejaily, the final match of MMIS Football League was played between classes 8B and 9B teams. It was such an enthusiastic match in which 9B could hardly beat 8B.


  • Chess Competition

    Published Date : 30/11/2019 09:20 PM

    As a continuation of the Chess tournament, the semi-finals games were held at Al Manarat International School.The final match is expected to be held within two weeks inshaa Allah