Introductory Day

Published Date : 30/09/2019 08:50 PM

Manarat Madinah International Schools, girls section, made the Introductory Day to welcome the new students of kindergarten and the first grade for the academic year 1441-1442.
Under the supervision of the student's counselor/ Kholoud Alharby. The Activity Supervisor /Ahlam Saif. Media coordinator/ Noaf Al-military. All of them under the supervision of the educational leader/ Sarah Samy Nour.
The school has set very special programs to welcome the students and to put much love of the school in their hearts. And the most impressive program was the children beloved cartoon characters. In addition to an entertaining program that is rich in sport and cultural activities, to make the moving of the student from his home that he got used of it, to the school ver smoothly. Which decrease his fear inside the children, and be replaced by a sense of tranquility. The child adapts with the new elements of colleagues and teachers.