Maarif students represent 9.7% of the Kingdom's qualified students who participate in the Elite Forum

Published Date : 10/11/2019 07:29 AM

King Abdul-Aziz & His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity (Mawhiba) and the Ministry of Education (MOE) are organizing the Elite Forum to qualify and nominate scientific teams that participate in international competitions in science, mathematics, physics, chemistry and informatics. The Elite Forum is hosted by King Abdullah University of Science & Technology(KAUST)and King Saud University from 4 to 15 November 2019,

124 male and female students are going to attend the Elite Forum, hosted by KAUST. Maarif students in Manarat Riyadh, Manarat Jeddah, Manarat Al Madinah and Manarat Al Khobar represent 9.7 % of the total number of attendees.

20 male and female students participate in the “Practical Training”, hosted by King Saud University. 5 % of the participants represent Maarif.

This forum is the first phase of a series of scientific forums organized by "Mawhiba" and the Ministry of Education, to ensure the achievement of outstanding results befitting the Kingdom's stature in international forums, through the participation in international competitions in “science, mathematics, physics, chemistry and informatics."