News & Activities

  • Debating club

    Published Date : 25/02/2020 07:34 AM


    AS part of the English Language Activity Plan and under the supervision of the teacher of the subject, the third grade secondary students held meetings, including a dialogue and communication in English within the activity of the Debating Club … more

  • Image

    As part of the mathematics activity plan, the teachers of the subject in the secondary section presented an awareness seminar on the importance of   the General Aptitude Test (GAT) and achievement testing systems for second and third graders. … more

  • The school students exploratory check

    Published Date : 25/02/2020 07:12 AM


    According to The Ministry of Health policy which gives great concern to the student's health and the early discovery of ilnesses.A check programme was practiced on grade 0ne and grade four students. In this programme, both obesity, completion of … more

  • Honoring outstanding and distinguished students

    Published Date : 24/02/2020 05:48 AM


    At The presence of His Excellency the Academic Coordinator for the Manarat Al khobar private school ,    his Excellency the principal of the secondary school  , the supervisors ,  and gentlemen parents were honored students superior holding 100 rate% … more

  • Honoring the ambassadors of excellence ceremony

    Published Date : 24/02/2020 05:43 AM


    Under the gracious patronage of the Governor of Khobar Governorate, a ceremony was held today honoring ambassadors of excellence in the Dhahran Education Office and from the honorees from Al-Manarat National Secondary School in Al-Khobar   student / … more

  • A tour of Islamic arts (simple wooden shelf)

    Published Date : 20/02/2020 04:57 AM


    Under the technical activity plan and under the supervision of the teacher, the students of the third grade of high school carried out a simple wooden shelf made from the wooden remains of previous works.


  • Activate the free reading program

    Published Date : 11/02/2020 06:23 AM


    As part of the Arabic Language Activity   Plan, the Free Reading Program was activated and secondary school students were introduced to the terms of participation in the program.


  • Today's activities are good, primary news beacons

    Published Date : 10/02/2020 05:36 AM


    Under the slogan (We are all winners), the Primary Classes Division at Manarat Al-Khobar schools, in cooperation with the physical education teacher, established a distinguished program for the first elementary students, in order to empty their … more

  • The Festival of Open (t)

    Published Date : 06/02/2020 08:06 AM


    The Primary Classes Division at Manarat Al-Khobar schools held the Al-Balta Festival and Open Al-Ta Festival for third-grade primary students, to support reading and writing skills at that stage through meaningful competitions between students, and … more

  • A trip to Al Mana Medical Complex

    Published Date : 06/02/2020 08:01 AM


    In conjunction with the world’s observance of the World Cancer Day, which was set by the World Health Organization on this fourth day of February of each year, students of Manarat Al Khobar schools made a trip to the Al Mana Medical Complex to … more