News & Activities

  • Behavior Management Workshop 1

    Published Date : 22/02/2020 07:24 PM


    One of the serial workshops with Grade 7 studentsof Manarat Al Khobar International Schools was conducted to establish a good,deep and correct relationship between students and teachers.It was an interacive workshop that showed the high spirit of … more

  • Importance of Mother Language

    Published Date : 18/02/2020 08:06 PM


    Guided by their teachers,students of Manarat Al Sharkia international Schools showed their creativity and skills through their inspiring presentation on the theme that was admired by students and teachers as well.


  • Parent Teacher Conference

    Published Date : 14/02/2020 02:42 PM


    MSISG organized its first formal parent-teacher conference of the second term as part of our on-going efforts to build a strong partnership between parents and teachers. Since parents are important stakeholders in the school community, their input … more

  • Community Service

    Published Date : 12/02/2020 07:57 PM


    One of our main goals is to serve the society and to support its organizations.Students of MSIS guided by the student counselor launched a campaign to cultivate flowers and plants in some parks and streets for the sake of environment conservation. … more

  • Quran Competition

    Published Date : 12/02/2020 08:28 AM


    The annual Quran recitation contest  was held MSISG for the students of grades 7-12. Participants had been asked to memorize Surah Mulk and the last ten ayahs of Surah Kahf.

    It was indeed an inspirational event as it inculcates in young people the … more

  • Islamic Lecture (on the importance of prayer)

    Published Date : 11/02/2020 08:17 PM


    An Islamic lecture on the importance of prayer was conducted at MSIS lower primary grades 1,2&3 Students were informed that prayer is the second most important pillar of Islam, and is the most regular compulsory action in a Muslim’s life. The … more

  • Islamic Lecture at MSISG

    Published Date : 11/02/2020 07:48 PM


    An Islamic lecture on good manners was organized at MSISG.

    Using our Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him as a role model, the lecture focused on developing core Islamic values in our daily behavior, with special focus on the qualities of safe … more

  • Teaching Literacy

    Published Date : 11/02/2020 06:53 PM


    A group reading  a ctivity was conducted at MSISG to promote Arabic literacy. The main aim of the activity was to advance the quality of Arabic language literacy.Colorful story books in Arabic were provided to groups of students. Children read at … more

  • Rmroma Land Field Trip

    Published Date : 11/02/2020 06:36 PM


    Field trip can be a powerful way to engage kids in the world around them and to hit learning standards across the curriculumMSIS organized a field trip to grades 1,2,3 boys section to engage students with exciting and challenging activities .


  • Academic Excellence Celebration

    Published Date : 11/02/2020 06:20 PM


    Manarat Alkhobar International section lower primary grades 1,2&3 honored student

    who have been placed on the honor roll for demonstrating academic excellence by taking 100% during 1st Term of the academic year 2019-2020.