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    Maarif for Education ensured that schools including Manarat Schools, Al Faisaliah Islamic Schools, Noor Al Islam Schools and Green Hills International Schools, have taken the precautionary measures and are ready to open doors to receive prospective … more

  • Virtual School Training

    Published Date : 14/03/2020 11:53 AM


    In order to continue our efforts to provide different educational chances to our students,Manarat Al Khobar International Schools` teachers ,guided by the Technical Officer and our IT team finished their hand-on training and lessons`expermintal … more

  • This is your Prophet

    Published Date : 08/03/2020 06:48 PM


    It was a remarkable day for students,teachers and parents of Manarat Al Khobar International Schools when the winners of the competition about our Prphet Mohammad (PBUH) were announced.Our students expressed their love and showed their deep … more

  • Spelling Bee Competition

    Published Date : 04/03/2020 06:43 PM


    English and Fernch Department conducted successfully the Annual Spelling Bee Competition.It was an honor having Representatives of GEMS,the General Supervisor and the School Leader present. Teachers and students made the event memorable.


  • Appreciation Awards 2

    Published Date : 03/03/2020 08:23 PM


    Teacher of the Month besides Grade 5 students in different categories received awards of appreciation among huge shout out.The Principal,the Consultant of English Department and the class teacher bestowed the awards.


  • Respect Each Other

    Published Date : 01/03/2020 08:11 PM


    One of our main goals in Manarat Al Khobar International Schools is to empower our students with Islamic ethos and moral values. Our Grade 10 students guided by their teacher showed their interest of the theme through a distinctive program that … more

  • Parts of a Book

    Published Date : 27/02/2020 09:37 PM


    Grade 4,5 and 6 students of Manarat Al Khobar International Schools attended a number of workshops conducted by the LRC officer as a part of Reading Enrichment Program to improve their reading skills. By the end of the workshops , the students were … more

  • Morning Assembly With a Purpose

    Published Date : 26/02/2020 04:02 PM


    The tiny tots of grade 3 presented a morning assembly based on the theme of Islamic values. The assembly started with the recitation of 'Surah Ikhlas', followed by a hadith on truthfulness. The students then presented a variety of short, engaging … more

  • Quran Competition (Lower grades)

    Published Date : 26/02/2020 03:17 PM


    The annual Quran recitation contest  was held MSISG for the students of grades 1-3.

    Participants had been asked to memorize Ayat al Kursi.

    It was indeed an inspirational event as it inculcates in young people the importance of memorizing the holy … more

  • school awareness campaign

    Published Date : 25/02/2020 09:19 PM


    MSISG has launched a school awareness campaign to combat coronavirus.

    The school doctor conducted a lecture accompanied by a ppt presentation to educate students about the virus and how it spreads through human contact.

    Students were assured that … more