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    🌹 The Cleverest Reader 🌹

    🌹 The Cleverest Reader 🌹The lower Elementary Family in the primary section has held a training session for grade three students … more

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    An open day in Manarat Jeddah Intermediate School for boys.

    Students of Manarat Jeddah Intermediate school for boys are enjoying different activities on the open day as a part of the … more

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    Honouring the outstanding students in Manarat Jeddah Intermediate School.

    Adminstration of Manarat Jeddah intermediate School is honouring the outstanding and talented students at different fields.


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Our Manarat Jeddah Primary schools implement a system that allows the guardian to choose the teachers, whether male or female, who will teach his/her children in grade one ." How satisfied are you with this system ...? .
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