Hosting the summer enrichment Mawhiba Programs 2019

Published Date : 01/08/2019 07:12 AM

The summer enrichment Mawhiba programs 2019, provided by King Abdulaziz and Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity, has started in Saudi Arabia for some talented students studying in the elementary and intermediate stages. Manarat Al Riyadh Schools for boys and girls, Manarat Al Khobar Schools for boys, Manarat Jeddah Schools for boys and girls, Manarat Al Madinah Schools for girls, Manarat Al Dammam for girls, Al Faisalia Islamic Schools for girls and Nour Al Islam Schools for boys host this program.

The program provides various scientific enrichment streams in Inventions, Robots, Computer Science, Biology, Engineering and other life skills that help the talented student to acquire knowledge and engaging learning. Some of the highly qualified Maarif School teachers and trainers, who are interested in developing giftedness and creativity, participate in this program utilizing modern teaching aids and tools provided by the schools hosting the program. The program lasts for three weeks and approximately 1650 students participate in it.