Talented Students Successfully Qualify to a Preparation Program for World Leading Universities

Written by : | Published Date : 01/07/2020 08:01 AM

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As part of Maarif for Education’s effort to prepare students for a brighter future  

Talented Students Successfully Qualify to a Preparation Program for World Leading Universities 

Al Faisaliah Islamic Schools, part of Maarif for Education’s school network, announced the qualification of four talented Grade 10 students to enter a rigorous university preparation program launched by the Saudi Misk Foundation.  

The Preparation for the University Stage Program targets students who aspire to continue their studies in the world’s best international universities, including Harvard University, TUFTs University and the Royal Sandhurst Academy amongst many others. 

Students Nada Badr Abdul Mohsen Al-Hashem and Yasmin Khaled Al-Mahmoud participate in the Harvard Secondary School Program at Harvard University in USA, Batoul Ali Al-Awami in the IDG program at the Royal Sandhurst Academy in the United Kingdom and student Modi Turki Al--Ameel at Tufts University in Massachusetts in the United States 

Mahmoud Aldeery, General supervisor of Al Faisaliah Islamic Schools, said: “This program aims to raise the acceptance levels of students in  the universities in USA and UK and prepare them for success at the undergraduate level and to acquire appropriate personal skills and characteristics as well as broaden their horizons and prepare them psychologically and academically. 


Sara Al Bgumi, Mawheba Program Counselor at Al Faisaliah Islamic Schools, said: “We tirelessly work to create a rich and stimulating learning environment that shapes creative and talented students who will grow to develop our society and our nation. And from this philosophy, everyone at our school, as a part of Maarif for Education, has ensured that we cease all growth opportunities whether local or international to benefit our students and prepare them for the future job market. It was with pleasure that we supported our students throughout the registration and application process, and we will continue to do so throughout and after they complete this comprehensive program.” 

This year-long program prepares summer camps that aim to simulate the future academic experience and prepare students to adapt to the teaching system and coexist in other societies by raising their academic level and preparing them for TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, AP & A level. 


The program will also roll out workshops throughout the Kingdom, in which qualified students are required to invest in a significant amount of effort and time.  

For over 50 years, and with more than 13 schools across the Kingdom, Maarif for Education has played a pivotal role in preparing young innovators to thrive in the future Saudi and international job market.