News & Activities

  • Open For Admission

    Published Date : 02/01/2020 04:13 PM

    We are delighted to receive your application during the weekdays from 9am -5pm.


  • 1st Term Final Exams

    Published Date : 30/12/2019 10:45 AM

    We wish all our students  success in their exams for the end of the first term.


  • Play And Learn

    Published Date : 23/12/2019 09:50 AM

    Within the educational activities for kindergarten, the kindergarten stage has played a play and learning activity that depends on achieving the goals, and takes into account all the different learning styles for students, the difference in their … more

  • Story Sequence

    Published Date : 23/12/2019 09:47 AM

    Within the educational activities for kindergarten

    The kindergarten stage has actively arranged story events that helps understand the order of events and their sequence, and helps to understand the cause and effect, we should be able to recount … more

  • End of The Term

    Published Date : 23/12/2019 09:40 AM

    Every year, on the end of the first term we organize an occasion for students of the kindergarten department to receive the reports with valuable gifts to encourage the children to return from vacation.


  • Students of Manarat Al Khobar, Dammam and Noor Al-Islam account for 33% of the winning projects in the Eastern Region in the National Olympiad for Scientific Creativity Competition ‘’Ibdaa’’ -Electronic Arbitration Stage -which is arbitrated by a … more

  • Learning By Playing

    Published Date : 10/12/2019 07:53 AM

    Within the modern educational activities in kindergartens, learning by playing is one of the means which depends on children's energy, which expresses their physical and mental activity and helps in obtaining a lot of information. This effect is … more

  • Volunteer Work

    Published Date : 10/12/2019 07:39 AM

    Within the educational activities of kindergartens ,activating the value of the tender, with the aim of spreading

      the volunteer work in children, the project is about ditsributing winter clothing for the poor.


  • Pearls of Faith

    Published Date : 10/12/2019 07:31 AM

    Among the educational activities carried out by the kindergarten children, is a competition “Pearls of Faith”, which includes the three tracks (the Holy Quran, Sunnah and Azkar), which aim at a conscious generation committed to the teachings of the … more

  • A Trip To “Chuck E Cheese”

    Published Date : 10/12/2019 07:29 AM

    As part of the news and extracurricular events that support the educational aspect of the child, the kindergarten department has taken a trip to “Chuck E Cheese” as a means of reinforcing the principle of self-learning through school trips that … more