Mawhiba Achievements of the first semester in Manarat Dammam National Schools

Written by : | Published Date : 11/05/2020 06:24 AM

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The successes achieved by Manarat Dammam National Schools, during the first half of the current academic year 1440 / 1441 H., through various participations, initiatives and programs, were up to the aspirations and hopes that parents and students awaited, and touched closely the needs and requirements of the country for high quality education. Our schools have been among the top 10 in GAT (Qudrat) and SAAT TAHSILI), citywide and among the top 50 schools in the Kingdom. The schools have a big share in the number of talented students participating in scientific researches fields in “Mawhiba” Programs, “Ibdaa" Competition and the activities of the winter Education Forum organized by "Mawhiba" and its partners, to train and nominate students participating in international scientific competitions. The schools exert tireless efforts to raise the level of students’ performance in the qualifying tests for international participations.

Our students are present in the National Creativity Olympiad organized by the Ministry of Education and King Abdul-Aziz & his Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity “Mawhiba”, in addition to Mathematics participations. The school educational leaders work to provide all kinds of support to students to be top achievers.

The Schools support their students for more opportunities by helping them gain Misk international and national scholarship programs in a number of countries around the world, sponsored by Misk Foundation, the Ministry of Education and “Mawhiba”.

The schools focus on developing English language skills through additional programs and involving students in international competitions. Our school students won top positions in the Writing Competition sponsored by the British Council in Riyadh. Besides, the schools provide opportunities to obtain IELTS, SETP, SAT certificates, ensuring the quality of the education process and facilitating the gain of   international scholarships and programs.

In harmony with all students’ inclinations and attitudes, the schools are keen on their participation in different competitions and programs, providing support for the participation in literary exhibitions and other participations and competitions. Our students have won top positions in the majority of these competitions.

The school leaders in Maarif for Education & Training and school leaders, are always keen on students’ continuous motivation providing all kinds of support to all students for a high quality educational output leading top positions.

 For his part, Dr. Mohammed Al-Arfaj, CEO of Maarif for Education & Training, thanked the students, their guardians, teachers, school administrations, the academic management in Maarif and various managements in Maarif headquarter, pointing out that this achievement must be a motivation for us to exceed   the national and international excellence standards and our students should be an inspiration to all the people of the country.