CEO's Message

Through many years of experience and continuous efforts, Ma'arif has managed to achieve a pioneering position in the field of education in Saudi Arabia. By the grace of Allah we proved being pioneers by our continuous determination to improve and develop our work according to the accredited international standards in both educational and training fields. Our vision is clearly reflected in the outstanding performance of the students of Ma'arif in any regional, national or international forum, and according to national and international learning standards.

 Moreover, Ma'arif adopts the latest learning techniques and teaching strategies based on active interaction that result in knowledge. We also adopt modern administrative and practical training techniques that provide a challenging and comfortable working environment, in addition, it allows a wide range of discussion and self-expression to all parties: administration, teachers, parents and students.

Because of our clear vision of the role Ma'arif has to play, we succeeded in achieving a high level of satisfaction among all those involved in training and education in Saudi Arabia and that has paved the way for our existence throughout all cities in this country. Now Ma'arif is planning to expand through establishing new educational institutions, to start the training and consulting stages, and to increase associated activities.  


Dr.Mohamed Al-Arfaj