News & Activities

  • The science department at school organized a lecture about smoking unddr the supervision of Mr.Ashraf Ali.It was titled the silent killer and aimed at making students acquainted with the risks of the harmful effects of smoking. An experiment was … more

  • Champions League in Noor Al Islam Intermediate Schools

    Published Date : 29/11/2019 05:57 PM

    The final of the Champions League was held in the light of the middle of Islam under the slogan "No to intolerance". The final of the Champions League was held between the third A and third B , and won the Cup and the third A  . … more

  • As a part of the academic visits, the middle stage at Noor Al Islam in Dammam Branch was honoured by the visit of , Mr. Eric ,the representative of GEMS Company, and Mr. Adel Qataya, the Academic Coordinator for Arabic Department at Maarif Company.  … more

  • The second scout camp for BBQ

    Published Date : 27/11/2019 04:57 AM

    Believing in the importance of self-reliance and enhancing the values ​​of brotherhood and cooperation of our students ,the scout camp was developed and organized by the physical education teachers in Noor Al Islam school. … more

  • Free Studio Activity

    Published Date : 25/11/2019 05:13 AM

    In the embrace of nature and in an atmosphere of creativity and excellence , the pupils  of  upper grades in Noor Al_Islam school  presented many high-end  artworks which reflected the artistic sense and high performance of the pupils through  free … more

  • In the presence of His Excellency the Academic Coordinator of the Maarif, Dammam Branch and the principal and the vice principal of Nour Al Islam intermediate school honored all teachers supervising the training of students participating in talented … more

  • Our IELTS training sessions

    Published Date : 15/10/2019 06:39 PM

    Place: learning resourcesDate: Wed.9th Oct.2019Time: 10 amTrainers: Mr.abdelfattah & Mr.WaleedTarget: preparing our students for CD IELTS TESTMarterial: IELTS book & Online Test


  • World Space Week

    Published Date : 15/10/2019 06:31 PM

    World Space Week, October 4-10  is the largest space event on Earth. Our school celebrated this great event.  The extracurricular activities  and morning assemblies talked about different space topics  to broaden our student’s mind. … more

  • Grade five Reading activity

    Published Date : 08/10/2019 05:09 PM

    Students explored recently published books at Jarir bookstore They had a long discussion with Its representative about the origins, number of branches, numbers of sections and best selling books for this year and the best selling book in the history … more

  • Interesting chemistry program

    Published Date : 08/10/2019 04:57 PM

    In order to break the daily routine of the class, the science department did some experiments in the morning assembly to make students get acquainted with the different chemical reactions and their effect on daily life.