News & Activities

  • Goals of the competition:

    1 – To Encourage students to take care of the Arabic language, study it and take part in its activities.

    2 - To instill in our children the sense of positive competing.

    3 - To recognize the importance of spelling skills … more

  • Based on the keenness of Ma'arif for Education and Training and of Green Hills International Schools (Boys Section) to raise the cultural and religious level of our students, it was decided to hold a meeting to recite the Qur'an every day before the … more

  • Along the second term, Students were concerned to start their Journal. They started learning about how to make a standardized journal. They read articles, watched videos, discussed their ideas with me and with their colleagues. The second stage was … more

  • On February, 7th my students introduced the Morning English Broadcast titled "Rubrics of Effective Studying". A week before, my students searched for topics, prepared the materials and got trained and practiced at home and in front of the English … more

  • What are the Safety Rules in the Science laboratory?

    Published Date : 19/07/2019 05:10 PM

    The students were given instructions and some tips about safety rules before involving in the Chemistry practical activity. Gloves and masks are provided before starting the activity. The students in actions identifying types of chemical reactions. … more

  • Relationship Between the Community and the Ecosystem

    Published Date : 19/07/2019 05:08 PM

    Students are explaining the main difference between a community and an ecosystem which is that the ecosystem is defined as the result of what happens when a community of living organisms shares and interacts within their environment.

    Students are … more

  • Blood-Typing Activity

    Published Date : 19/07/2019 05:04 PM

    Blood typing is a test that determines a person’s blood type. The test is essential if you need a blood transfusion or are planning to donate blood. Not all blood types are compatible, so it’s important to know your blood group. Receiving blood that’ … more

  • Math Nspired

    Activity Overview:

    In this activity, the student will be able to create and use sliders to investigate transformations of quadratic functions in a Graphs application.


    Technology needed (TI-Nspire™ handheld, computer … more

  • Mathematics activity grade 8.

    How to graph radical, fractional and the exponential functions using the graph paper and the coordinates.

    How to differentiate between the exponential function, radical function and the fractional function.

    Honoring … more

  • In this activity we will find the speed of every student at different distances 15-meter, 30-meter, 45 meter and 60 meters.

    The student will run and four other students will find the time of this student at the specified distance then the rest of … more