News & Activities

  • Together towards creativity

    Published Date : 29/11/2019 06:13 PM

    With the blessing of God, and the support and encouragement of Almanarat schools in Dammam for their students ,the scientific research presented by the student at the intermediate stage "Turki Al-Hamad" was nominated in the scientific competition " … more

  • World Children's Day

    Published Date : 27/11/2019 06:15 AM

    Our kindergarten school celebrated the World children’s day to raise awareness of kid’s rights.Students enjoyed this day by  having Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University students to tell stories ,  play  and color with our kids. Wish happy children’ … more

  • Master of Three -Letters Words

    Published Date : 27/11/2019 04:38 AM

    Knights of Grade One in Manarat Dammam Elementary School are performing marvelously in the program of Master of Three -Letters Words under the supervision of Grade One teachers and the school administration. The students did various activities such … more

  • The second scout camp for BBQ

    Published Date : 26/11/2019 10:29 AM

    Believing in the importance of self-reliance and enhancing the values ​​of brotherhood and cooperation of our students ,the scout camp was developed and organized by the physical education teachers in Manarat Dammam primary school. … more

  • Honoring the student Omar Tariq from Al-Manarat Secondary School for obtaining the second place in the competition of the best article for Vision 2030 at the level of the Kingdom And it was presented to him by Mr. Maxim Raiman Head of the British … more

  • In an atmosphere of suspense and seriousness, the school administration through the student counselor, Mr. Ali Al-Nashiri, held a seminar entitled (How to choose my university specialization) for educational consultant Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Al- … more

  • Math activity around units of measurement

    Published Date : 20/11/2019 05:34 AM

    Our school had a maths activity about measurement units.The goal of this activity was to enable students to apply the different measurement units through technology , medical and engineering applications . Teacher Alaa Alshathri  used real-life … more

  • Land of Mathematics

    Published Date : 20/11/2019 05:02 AM

    In Math Subject, our students enjoyed the Math Land Activity which helps them to develop a positive attitude about the subject. The activity was about reading numbers and solve problems in fun ways


  • Academic Visit to James

    Published Date : 20/11/2019 04:48 AM

    As a part of the academic visits, the middle stage at Al Manarat Private Schools in Dammam Branch was honoured by the visit of , Mr. Eric ,the representative of GEMS Company, and Mr. Adel Qataya, the Academic Coordinator for Arabic Department at … more

  • Scientific activities (properties and chemical changes)

    Published Date : 05/11/2019 06:41 AM

    in shade of scientific, technological and cognitive progress and rapid development in science.Al-Manarat Middle School witnessed practical experiments conducted by students on properties and chemical changes.The students conducted several … more