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Ma’arif Learning Gateway - MLG




Amid the hectic daily life and the burdens shouldered by the parents, which prevent them from sufficiently following up their children and keeping an eye on them to monitor their academic progress, especially in their early years which form their future, it was imperative for Ma'arif to think of practical solutions to facilitate this process.

As a result of thorough study and hard work, Ma'arif for Education and Training developed “Ma'arif Learning Gateway ‏‪”. This program enables parents to follow up their children’s academic progress and assess their academic performance. This gateway also provides parents with a variety of other services.

Benefits and advantages:

  • Monitoring your children’s daily attendance and absence.
  • Reviewing your children’s grades and marks.
  • Assessing your children’s academic performance.
  • Following up on daily activities.
  • Reviewing completed educational materials.
  • Following up your children’s assignments and homework.
  • Easy communication with your children’s teachers and supervisors.
  • Making good use of available resources such as: question bank, Encyclopedia

For further information:
Hotline: 920009917